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When To Choose A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Due to temperature fluctuations and periodic high humidity levels in Northwest Arkansas, climate controlled storage units Rogers AR are essential for storing climate-sensitive valuables which could be damaged by prolonged periods of very hot or cold temperatures and high humidity.  Drastic changes from hot to cold and long periods of very low humidity can also be damaging.  Climate controlled units have an indoor temperature ranging from 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and maintain a constant low humidity level year around.  Therefore, savvy businesses owners and individuals store their climate-sensitive electronics, important documents, musical instruments, precious memorabilia, vintage clothing, expensive wood or leather furniture, antiques, collectible books, fine art, wine, appliances, sports equipment, cosmetics, medicines and medical equipment in a climate controlled storage facility.

Climate controlled storage units are understandably more expensive than traditional storage units but in almost all cases, the cost of renting a climate controlled unit for the long term is well worth the assurance that your valuables will remain in pristine condition.  Many stored items can withstand environmental changes for the short term but mold, mildew, warping, paint peeling, wood splintering, discoloration and rust can occur when valuables are stored for long periods of time in a non-climate controlled environment.

Before deciding on which climate controlled storage units Rogers AR will be most beneficial for your needs, consider the size unit needed to safely store your valuables.  A slightly larger unit than you think necessary will allow you to access the stored items easily and give you additional room to add to your collection of stored valuables.  If possible, wrap each piece in protective packaging and make an inventory list of items stored, preferably in the order in which they are packed in the unit.  The list will prevent you from having to unwrap each piece to find a specific item.

If you operate a home-based business selling products online, you know how important it is to your customers that their order arrives in excellent condition.  A climate controlled storage unit will guarantee that strong odors such as cooking, pets or tobacco, normally found in homes, will not permeate the products or packaging.

When a loved one is moved into assisted living, climate controlled storage is perfect for their precious furniture, memorabilia, clothing and collectibles until a decision can be made about the disbursement of these items.  The person making the living transition is reassured that their belongings are safe and available to them when and if they are needed.

AJs Storage has some of the best climate controlled storage units Rogers, AR.  They are a family and veteran owned facility centrally located between downtown Rogers and I-49.  Their facility is enclosed by security fencing with a access code entrance gate.  The entire facility is monitored with video camera surveillance.  AJs Storage climate controlled units are clean, safe, easily accessible and very affordable.

AJ Storage has years of experience in moving and storage and is happy to guide their clients in finding the very best unit for their belongings. Let us assist you with your storage needs.

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